How Block4 is popularizing the use of NFTs in Brazil?

Block4 was highlighted in the media recently, with its concept of “fantech”, a term coined by the Rio de Janeiro startup,a fan engagement company through blockchain technology.

With the launch of AGBadolato’s Dodge Museum collectibles, we created a new channel for those who like to make collections. The product in question is the digital, multimedia and numbered collectibles of certain automobiles, whose buyer can even resell them later.

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In simpler language, NFTs are unique cryptographic assets that cannot be copied like any other file. This is possible due to a technology called blockchain, the same one already used in cryptocurrencies and which serves to market a multitude of collectable digital products, including art pieces.

To create AGBadolato’s collectibles, we used state-of-the-art blockchain-based technology and added an additional layer to ease the purchase process through PIX, providing AGBadolato’s Youtube channel followers to access the AGBadolato website and PIX or credit card directly to purchase their digital Dodges.

In the end, anyone can have access to buy NFTs even if they don’t understand the technology at all and don’t have to deal with cryptocurrencies, which is a natural barrier for people in general. After all, creating a cryptocurrency portfolio, entering an online brokerage, buying the digital currency, transferring it to your wallet and only then having access to the NFT purchase on a platform can be quite boring and laborious.


By simplifying this process through PIX and credit cards, Block4 wants everyone have access to this experience and is currently the only company to offer this option in Brazil. And this is making all the difference for our partners, as was the case with AGBadolado.

According to Thiago Canellas, CEO and co-founder of Block4, “Our mission is to remove the complexity of blockchain and NFT technology so that content creators can have one more channel of communication with their fans through a stable and robust platform that combines simplicity e-Commerce with blockchain security.” 



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Block4 is a fantech that creates and manages digital collectible platforms (TiBS), which bring fans closer to their favorite sports institutions, artists, influencers, content creators and communities through highly engaging experiences that blend the physical and the digital (phydital). With multiple partners across different verticals, Block4 uses technology to revolutionize the fan’s relationship with their object of worship, bringing the blockchain and NFTs into the entertainment industry.

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